Movie Trailers

The reasons we would never dream of missing one…
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The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is not love. It’s not peace. It’s not even 42. It
Luke has some ominous words for the galaxy’s future.
When the first trailer for the new 'Ghostbusters' reboot landed, a lot of people were very angry. Because it has women in
It seems like every possible superhero is being given a movie these days, and the funny people at Rooster Teeth have dreamt
Hollywood has finally woken up to the greatest underdog story of all time.
Created for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface. Following a storming season that saw Leicester City Football Club rise from 5000
Film trailers = portentous voiceover, something to whet the appetite and at least four major spoilers. Think how amazing it would have been to have watched Jurassic Park with no knowledge that it was about a park of dinosaurs.