mps' expenses

Iain Duncan Smith had his expenses credit card suspended after running up debts of more than £1,000. The Work and Pensions
David Cameron will not block a wage hike for MPs that will see their salaries increase to £74,000 a year, or give his extra
How anyone can therefore justify that politicians should be entitled to a larger salary is beyond me. Regardless of whether they caused the crash or are fixing the mess, it is outrageous to think they should be awarded a hefty pay rise at this time.
Robert Peston's claims that the BBC is preoccupied with a news agenda set by right-wing newspapers like the Daily Mail and
New legislation that would allow voters to kick their MP out of parliament mid-term has been attacked as a "stitch up" by
Take That singer Gary Barlow has sparked calls from politicians to hand back his OBE after he allegedly invested in a tax
The former Conservative council leader Lord Hanningfield is facing suspension from the House of Lords for the rest of the
Female MPs are put off contributing to Prime Minister's Questions by its "histrionics and cacophony of noise", according
I have to say that I felt dreadfully sorry for Maria Miller during the recent vicious public 'stoning' over her expenses.
Trust in town halls is almost twice as high as in Parliament but most voters believe politicians at all levels in England