mps pay rise

A Tory minister who earns almost £90,000 has apologised for saying he would have to “watch the pennies” if MPs did not get
David Cameron will not block a wage hike for MPs that will see their salaries increase to £74,000 a year, or give his extra
In death, as less-so in life, Nelson Mandela has been dominating Twitter. And thus, this week's round-up leads with tweets
The comments on my petition show that a pay rise for MPs, at this apparently desperate economic time, is a huge insult to everyone who has suffered or is still suffering as a result of this current government. From pensioners to public sector workers, nurses to police officers - people across the UK are raising their voices against this rise.
I am agreeable to politicians being paid £71k a year, it is a decent salary for a decent day's work, we should not cut corners here if we value real management leadership, or talent will go elsewhere and do something else - which it clearly is currently. What I am questioning is the quality of the fools taking the cash.
Despite calls for restraint by all party leaders, public anger at MPs is set to rise by 11%. A Conservative source said that
How do you compare the importance of an MP to that of a headteacher, a nurse, or any other public servant? You can't come to any rational conclusions, one way or the other, but these kind of comparisons have been sprayed all over the place by commentators for the past couple of weeks.
It sounds strange to most people, but there are people out there who are seriously into their politics. I count myself as one of them. I cannot fail to be intrigued by the gladiatorial battles of the British political system. From the latest parliamentary skirmishes over the dispatch box to the clashes in the committee rooms over the fine points of legislation, I am hooked.
Ministers are "powerless" to stop MPs receiving a pay rise of £10,000 a senior politician warned on Sunday. The Independent
MPs are set to receive a pay rise of up to £20,000. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has been looking
So, that was the week that was. In politics, the 'Ronseal' Coalition released their midterm report, MPs demanded a pay rise