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Demonstrators take part in a 'Britain Needs a Pay Rise' march MPs' pay is linked to public sector pay as projected by the
Boris Johnson has netted himself a new job worth £500,000 - just weeks after his election to Parliament (a role that comes
All the teachers my kids have had have given more than 1% extra. My eldest son's teacher has calmly held my son's hand at lunchtime as he struggled to find his place in the jungle of relationships. She has shown him love when he was scared and helped our family get to grips with some of his difficulties. My kids' teachers have fought for them as I would have.
The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has announced MPs yearly salary will go up from £67,060 to £74,000. Giving
David Cameron has come under fire after Downing Street said it was 'a private matter' how he spent a £7,000 rise in his MP's
The five things you need to know on Thursday July 16, 2015... 1) SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND When John Humphrys said this morning
Cabinet ministers who have vowed to give their pay rise to charity are guilty of the “worst sort of politics”, a Tory backbencher
The Government has made a fresh attempt to stop a hike in MPs' pay as a wave of politicians signalled they would not take
The five things you need to know on Thursday June 4 2015... 1) 10% TOFF It’s been quite a few days for Cabinet splits. First
Labour leadership contenders Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall today signalled they will reject the planned MPs