Mr Selfridge

If the conspiracies and betrayals on show in French political thriller ‘Spin’ seem a little… far-fetched, its star Gregory
It’s just your everyday office nightmare – that intoxicated idiot who used to work for you and make every day a disaster
Jeremy Piven is a busy man on both sides of the Atlantic. Shortly to appear as Ari Gold in the forthcoming 'Entourage' film
We long for him to stomp along the corridors ranting and raving like a mad man. In a fit of uncontrollable rage, we want him to smash office equipment to bits as he humiliates and insults another of his employees. More than anything though, we hope for a few choice expletives to come out of his mouth.
‘Mr Selfridge’ creator Andrew Davies has hinted that there could be just two seasons of ‘Mr Selfridge’ left. Jeremy Piven
The cast of ‘Mr Selfridge’ have assembled for series three, where they’ll be joined by new additions including Zoe Wanamaker
'Mr Selfridge' fans watched, jaws dropping, as the second series finished last week on a huge dramatic twist, that will certainly
It's the final episode of 'Mr Selfridge' this weekend, and we have a preview clip above. Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) is
Former ‘Coronation Street’ actress Katherine Kelly has given birth to a baby girl. Baby Orla Clark is the first child for
BBC bosses will have been thrusting and parrying with delight this week, after their big-budget French swashbuckling caper