Mrs Thatcher

Dear Boris, Yesterday on your Facebook page, you posted a lengthy diatribe against 'Lefties', which captured my interest.
Like most normal people with a sense of proportion, I was upset and angry with the idiots who decided to organise Thatcher death day parties. This isn't because I'm a particular fan of Baroness Thatcher, but for the same reason I was disgusted that Americans were throwing street parties to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden.
The departure of our blessed Lady Thatcher means there is now only one Margaret in my life - Mrs Pickwick. Both have been
On Monday lunchtime, as soon as the news broke of Mrs Thatcher's death, I text my husband and I simply put... "Ding Dong
Baroness Thatcher did not want a state funeral and thought a fly-past over the service would be a "waste of money", her friend
During her time in Downing Street, some of Lady Thatcher's sternest critics were to be found not in Parliament but on the
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Meryl Streep didn't hesitate to snap up the role of Margaret Thatcher after she'd seen The Iron Lady script. The actress
The Iron Lady is among us, with Meryl Streep's uncanny portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, both in her dotage and - through flashback