Over the past three months, 70 new cases of HIV have been reported in Sri Lanka, representing an increase from this time
Recent reports have revealed that intake of new blood donors in Britain is down by a massive 40%. While news outlets speculate that a year's deferral for people with new tattoos and piercings is to blame, I'd contest that a bigger reason for the shortfall is the yearly ban on blood donation for men who have sex with men (MSM).
In terms of equal rights this blood ban, whether it be a year or on a more permanent basis massively holds the UK back from granting full and complete recognition to the LGBT community as equal citizens.
The Darwin conference has been a great opportunity to see for myself how excited Australia is about AIDS2014 and just how efficient different communities are already being in their preparations for the event.
society safely compartmentalises HIV as a nasty disease restricted to gay men... And everybody's happy. Except, I would hope, a lot of gay men, who must surely be scratching their heads and wondering why there's such a prurient interest in their sex lives - and, worst of all, why they haven't been invited to these hedonistic shagfests.