The reimagined version of the animated classic is now available to stream on Disney+.
Mulan's release has been postponed indefinitely, while Billie Eilish has pushed back a string of live shows, amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
Specially invited critics and guests got to see the latest Disney remake at the worldwide premiere.
Disney's remake of the 1998 animated film promises plenty of action sequences and an evil witch.
A post on the social media site Weibo about the current situation in Hong Kong has not gone down well.
Disney have released the first teaser for their upcoming live-action “Mulan”. And while some people online are very much behind the new retelling, others can’t get past the notable absence of sing-along songs and Mushu the dragon.
The film is set to hit the big screen in 2020.
Disney has announced that they have found their star for the upcoming live-action remake of ‘Mulan’. As revealed by The Hollywood