I think the only time I am truly 'in the moment' these days is when I'm in the great outdoors at the weekend or on holiday. If the sun is shining and we're not in a rush, if there are beaches, fields or woods to explore, then something magical always seems happen.
I hate Summer. Or hot weather whatever time of year it arrives. It's just so exhausting for a winter person like me. I find myself absolutely convinced from Tuesday each week that it's actually already Thursday and, by the time I get home, most evenings I want nothing more than to Netflix and chill - literally, in front of a very big fan...
Multi-tasking is a skill which is increasingly becoming ingrained as a part of today's culture and whilst science may prove that our brains aren't wired to be overstimulated there are ways to use our time in more neuron friendly ways, stopping us from burning out and soldiering on.
This week chuck out your to do list and focus on the priorities that fill you with joy. If you need to know what they are just tap into your heart and think about what makes your soul sing. This week ditch the multitasking.
They say knocking out a few hundred tasks for whatever reason is a poor substitute for doing even one task that is meaningful. Being busy, they stress, is not the same as being successful.
Just making a few changes to the way you organise your time can enable you to be more efficient, reduce your stress levels and result in you having more free time.
Normal productivity is like a jog; you are keeping pace and completing work at an adequate level. However, when faced with what seems like an overwhelming pile of work to get through, or if you just feel like being particularly productive, a sprint can help maximise your output and increase your motivation.
It sounds logical enough. Stress is unpleasant. Doing unpleasant things makes us unhappy. Ipso facto, stress makes us unhappy. But the truth is, we need some stress in our lives.
Even though there are hundreds of effective meditation techniques, I would like to introduce you to a simple meditation technique called "Breathing Meditation." It's easy to do anywhere, anytime and it only take 5 minutes! A small investment for your own peace and well-being.
I am a firm believer in focusing but have to admit to being a recovering multi-tasker. It's not that I actually want to multi-task or even that I think it's a good idea; no, I have a racing mind and at times I find it hard to stop the incessant flow of things I need to do.