mum friends

'Thank you girls for not judging me when my toddler screams.'
Helen Skelton has thanked the mum friends in her life who have made parenting that little bit easier. The TV presenter, 34
'I had a preconceived idea that mummy groups were vicious cliques.'
A mum who didn’t think she wanted “mummy friends” before she gave birth has summed up just how important they can be. Gylisa
So my 'find new mum friends' mission commenced. I went to various playgroups but they were full of mums who had met at antenatal classes, and trying to 'get in' with them was more difficult than collapsing a travel cot. Was I not good enough?
I thought I was a pretty sorted, confident individual who, in my 43 years on this planet, had risen above enough of the Negative Nellies and Debbie Downers who contribute to this hideous animal that is 'The Female Clique.'
More than 90% of mums in the UK admit to feeling lonely since having children. In a survey of 2,025 mothers by video parenting
I'm not a fan of the term 'mum friends', though I use it all the time. Why? Because it implies that I can only or should only be friends with someone because they have also grown/raised a small person and are in the process of teaching it how to be a normal human being.
It was lovely to see everyone, but I came away from it feeling sort of sad. We only had a couple of hours together. There were four couples and six kids between us. The amount of one on one chat time I got with my friends wasn't long enough.