mum to be

The other day I found a diary that I barely remember writing. It's full of entries to my first-born documenting our first year together. It's going to be serialised. Oh, hang on a minute, no it's not... because it's the DULLEST READ EVER. Full of crazy s**t I did and how much I loved her.
'You can't bounce on trampolines as much as before.'
The many ways in which becoming a mum changes your life cannot be overstated and knowing what to expect before your baby
Pregnancy is hard graft on both your mind and your body, growing a small person inside you for nine months is pretty much the most remarkable thing you will do in your life and although it is a beautiful and natural thing, pregnancy takes its toll on your emotions, your stress levels and your physical wellbeing.
And the award for best use of a Dirty Dancing quote goes to... soon-to-be-mum Rebecca Adlington, who is currently sporting
Mothering Sunday is a day to take time out of our busy schedules and appreciate all of the lovely things that our mums do for us. It is a day for her to sleep in, relax in a hot bath and enjoy a lunch that she didn't have to cook!
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