The mummified remains are just 6 inches long, yet have the bone structure of a 6-year-old
I know that this isn't the case at all. Of course, I'm needed. It's just really weird you know?! When your whole weekends are usually arranged around certain things and then all of a sudden it's changed and it's different.
Not stuck at work an hours commute away. They can pop round at a moment's notice (well maybe not quite a moment - it's not easy getting a baby out at lightning speed!) So when your baby has pooed through ALL your nappies in one morning, they can drop some spares rounds.
I have always been a worrier from an early age, which then led to anxiety about various things and situations. My anxiety seems to have escalated since I've had the little ones and sometimes it's consuming.  Some days I have that knotting feeling in my stomach and I'll be worried all day - but about what?  I really couldn't tell you, as I have no clue myself.
For the first month, all I felt was pain. It felt like broken glass was being sucked through my nipples and I got awful stabbing pains in my boob. My midwife and health visitor both told me that was normal. I persevered, praying my nipples would toughen up and the pain would go. It didn't.
On my first post I introduced myself as mummy to Baby M. It had become my identity and whilst it is still all I really want to be. It's no longer all I am. I am a school leader. And I'm a working mum. I am a mother that juggles two roles and tries to do her best.
When you're pregnant people tell you that the love you will have for your child will be unconditional, but until you hold
So, it's done. The long anticipated day has come and gone. I did it, I left my beautiful girl and went back to work. When
You could have heard a pin drop before the torrent of remarks flew towards me. From being told that sleeping too much will stunt her development and that the sleeping habits wouldn't last to being terrified with potentially incorrect SIDS facts and how cruel the 'cry it out' method is - admitting that AB was sleeping well was a bad move.
I'm not a young mum myself as I had our first, Archie, when I was 31. My mum was a young mum - she had me at 19 - and also my nan had my mum at 18. As a mum you make so many sacrifices and put things on hold until your little ones grow up.