Whatever you think of Donald, let's just admit one thing: every vaguely liberal human person out there bloody loves him. It
Dave Grohlcemented himself as the coolest man in rock n' roll a long time ago, but he still just keeps doing things that
I'm conducting a comparative study of children's TV programmes in the eighties and children's TV programmes today. That is to say, I'm trying to decide whether the children's TV I watched was more or less utterly ridiculous than that which The Toddler now watches.
When Rihanna's BBHMM video hit the internet, everyone was abuzz with delight, anger, disgust, and any number of other feelings
It could be about to play the music and light those lights once again, with reports suggesting a revival of ‘The Muppet Show
When 'Whiplash' meets The Muppets, there can be only one question: was Animal rushing, or was he dragging? (Video for Huffington
We spend every Christmas Eve indoors watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. There is no better way to kick off Christmas proceedings than this film, and here's why...
Specifically: Grover and Miss Piggy - backed by the rest of their Muppets and Sesame Street pals - sing Pharrell Williams
You know what this day needs? A video of The Muppets performing 'So What'cha Want' by the Beastie Boys. Although to be fair
This may be our favourite viral video of its kind since Linus sang 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic'. Ladies and gentlemen