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To a young British girl (me) Whitney Houston (she) was exotic. Her songs were exotic. She may have launched her career with a song about loving a married man, but on her eponymous second album - not to be confused with her eponymous debut album - Whitney took it one step further, and sang about loving yourself. We Brits had never heard of such a thing!
So, what does the discerning president listen to as he prepares to get on the re-election campaign trail? According to the
It might seem like running a festival by committee is like taking up herding cats as a hobby, but in some ways it makes things much easier. Our committee is made up of grizzled veterans of the grassroots music scene, and they know what they like - so the element of democracy this approach brings can also cause a few headaches.
I'm approaching 20 years of involvement in the Camden Crawl, the metropolitan music and arts festival in London I helped set up in the mid-Nineties... The environment of live music has changed beyond recognition since those days.
I hadn’t thought about it until Chris mentioned it on the B-stage. He thanks the Frankfurt crowd and mentions that Germany
9am Saturday morning, we finally make it to Mexico City. The haze of the overnight flight is broken abruptly as we enter baggage claim to the sight of the growing crowd of excited fans holding signs, cameras and gifts through the frosted glass on the other side of immigration.
But why is it important that we support a wide range of new music? In my opinion, the biggest challenge facing any artist or musician today is simply getting noticed. The internet has democratised music production and distribution and the barrier to entry is now so low that the web is flooded with millions of tracks and thousands of undiscovered artists. Simultaneously, there has been a global decline in the number of trusted guides or filters with sufficient audience to make any difference and without significant gatekeepers operating at mass-market scale music makers will find it harder and harder to emerge beyond their niche.
The most on-the-money music journalists and critical commentators have selected the six new music acts that they reckon will be "blowing up big" in 2012...
In the last 14 years we have traveled from Manila to Anaheim, from Santiago to Amsterdam, all the while seeing places both grand and humble along the way - in almost 40 countries, if you're counting.
Lovers and spouses come and go, but a celebrity's relationship with a manager, publicist or creative director is supposed to be sacrosanct. This week, we're sending out the sympathy cards and tubs of Ben & Jerry's to Lady Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson, whose split seems to be going the acrimonious way.