Music News

We're like musical magpies, you see. It doesn't matter what shape or form the music comes in- if there's something about it, we just need to let you guys know about it. With the thousands of incredible acts out there it can of course be a little tricky to make our minds up- but hey, we always manage somehow.
Once again we've rounded up a handful of the freshest talent to have made it onto our new music radar in the past week.
September's already looking bloody splendid for those of you who love a good gig- which means pretty much all of you reading
There really is nothing quite seeing a musician performing live- so whether it's from the stage of your local boozer or a messy festival weekend; just make sure you get out there and support the new music scene.
The Ramona Flowers - Lust & Lies Please allow us to introduce you to The Ramona Flowers- yet another incredible new band
Gigs, gigs and more gigs. You've come to the right place if you're after any of these, cos we're ready and raring to go with this week's top picks of the best live music action going down in musictown, courtesy of our Emerging Icons.
The first show to have grabbed our gigging attention this week is an appearance from the brilliant Longfellow on a cracking Club Fandango bill.
While temperatures continue to rise outside, now is the perfect time to become acquainted with some fresh new artists to get on your playlist and enjoy in the sunshine.
The effing gorgeous Ilona is set to take to the stage at the hottest of all the new music hotbeds in all of South London.
The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. A wise man once noted how it made him want to move his dancing feet- so we've taken it upon ourselves to put together a bunch of brilliant new artists for you to have a summery groove to this week.