music therapy

On Tuesday, I accompanied Labrinth to the Nordoff Robbins centre near Kentish Town. He too didn't know much about the charity but was keen to get involved. What I saw in the music room, after the two therapists had introduced themselves and eked interaction out of the students, was mesmerising.
I haven't met many people with mental health problems who aren't in some way or other creative, we naturally question everything, perhaps to obsessiveness sometimes, and spiral off in different directions looking for alternative conclusions, very much like the artist's mind.
Our favourite YouTube hit this week is an inspiring clip from a new film called Alive Inside. Racing towards a million views
Playing music to patients when they go under the knife reduces their anxiety during surgery and could even aid their recovery
If you turn on the radio when you want to cheer yourself up, you may have the right idea according to a new study. Scientists