musical animals

Heaven knows, they've made ours. Yes, move over Ozzy Osborne. Get your coat, Angus Young. There are two new badass metalheads
Typical. You wait ages for one 'dog singing along to a song in a car' video - and two come along at once! Yes, on Monday
We're used to videos of people performing songs from 'Frozen' in their cars. Check out these parents, for example. And these
Well, it is the 'Nutcracker' time of year… and it does seem rather appropriate for a squirrel, no? Yes, Wildlife Aid have
Here are HuffPost UK Comedy, we're no strangers to musical animals. But Coyote the dog is something of an anomaly. Because
He’s like Gary Barlow! Only better. Yes, meet the Russian hound who is what's known in the showbiz world as 'a double threat
Could this BE more adorable? No. It really couldn't. And we think it beats this dog singing along to an accordion, hands
And it's pretty impressive, we're sure you'll agree. But if only it had been something by Snoop Dog. Or Bloodhound Gang. Or
As if theremins weren't awesome enough when humans play them! Yes, be prepared to be amazed, delighted, and have your ears
Jessie the dog here can't resist the sound of her owner's accordion. And who can blame her? It's the most delightful of musical