musical animals

Here's a nice way to start the week: a jolly little bird having a jolly ol' time bopping away to some jolly polka music from
You know what this day - no, every day - needs? A video of some adorable puppies playing a musical instrument. Adorably. So
Our day? Made. By Ollie the African Grey parrot here, who not only whistles along to Monty Python's song when it's played
Thank you, Petsami, for yet another slice of feline joy. It comes in the form of a ginger moggy miming along to Bob Seger's
When they're not passing time annoying cats or terrorising people, cockatoos love nothing more than having a bit of a bop
OK, so it looks like a trumpet. But it sounds like a sax. And the bear isn't really playing it. But someone took this viral
Oh, animal kingdom - how we love you. Especially when you make us laugh. From dancing dogs to yelling goats, waving bears
Yet more evidence that cats are taking over the world comes in the form of this new video. It stemmed, apparently, from someone
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ronan. Ronan is a sea lion. But she's no ordinary sea lion, oh no. Ronan can keep a beat. And
Who needs 'The Voice', eh? Fred the bulldog is destined for musical fame now that this video of him singing along with opera