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Now THIS is how you tell the story of the birth of baby Jesus! A tip of the hat to music student Zoe Anne Robinson - who's
If you have an aversion to Christmas trees, snow and eggnog, then rest assured: you're not alone. Rachel Parris shares your
The very funny Michael Spicer is about to turn 37. And thankfully for us - and all other men in a similar position - he has
"Is there anything worse than being dragged to the shops for hours on end by your lady?" ask South African comedy duo Derick
Jimmy Fallon fans will know that one of his regular sketches is a faux TeenNick programme called 'Ew!' - in which Fallon
They're successful, rich and a hit with the ladies. So naturally, British faux-ksters Mumford & Sons are ripe for the mickey
Weird Al Yankovic’s on a roll right now. Literally. He's singing about foil. The musical comedian is currently releasing
Instagramming your food. Dropping names. Never letting someone forget the favour you did for them. Yes, if you do all of
Rob Cantor (and your accompanist Andrew Horowitz), take a bow. For the talented fellow not only wrote this original song
Brands! Looking for the perfect track to advertise your product? Why, look no further than this wonderful track: 'Please
A 19 year old novice stand-up comic of our acquaintance was recounting the experience of her first ever gig. She told us that she had been announced on stage by a comedian who said that she had just performed a 'sexual favour' on him backstage.
It's a beautiful love song about a woman and... well, we'll let you find out by watching comedian Rachel Parris's latest
It seems that musical comedian Vikki Stone has moved on from Phillip Schofield. Yes, a new silver fox has caught her eye
And your Impressive Talent Of The Day? Actress/singer/New Yorker Christina Bianco - who can impersonate everyone from Adele
Hate the Daily Mail? You'll love this! For it shows American musician Amanda Palmer delivering a blistering riposte to the
Allow musical comedian Vikki Stone to explain - through the medium of song, of course. Stone is fronting the campaign for
★★★★★ Hallelujah! Trey Parker and Matt Stone might just be the saviours of the modern musical Like an eager Mormon missionary
If you've yet to experience the delights of Frisky And Mannish, you're in for a treat. If you have experienced them, well
Ace comedians, ace musicians and, yes, ace Huffington Post bloggers Frisky And Mannish are an Edinburgh Festival must-see