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In which the maestro of musicless music videos - Mario Wienerroither - brings us his take on Britney Spears' iconic music
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we're big fans of Mario Wienerroither. He's the creator of the 'musicless music video' phenomenon
Mario Wienerroither - creator of the wonderful musicless music video phenomenon - recently brought us his first foray into
Typical. You wait ages for two iconic movie scenes to be reworked without their musical accompaniment, and then two come
He's done Village People's 'Y.M.C.A.', Mick Jagger and David Bowie's 'Dancing In The Street' - and more. But now, Mario Wienerroither
Hoorah! The maestro of musicless music videos - Mario Wienerroither - is back! Yes, hot on the heels of his version of 'Dancing
If you loved the recent 'Dancing In The Street' musicless music video, then you're in for another treat. Check out House
Tokyo! South America! Australia! France! Germany! Ooh Kaaay! Have you seen this? Yes, it's more brilliance from Mario Wienerroither
Hoorah! It's another musicless music video! Yes, that clever chap Mario Wienerroither is at it again. Hot on the heels of
You may be familiar with Mario Wienerroither's 'musicless music videos' (if not, check out these Jamiroquai and The Prodigy