muslim ban

President Biden has already begun overturning orders issued by Trump.
The Yemeni mother of a toddler being treated at a California hospital obtained a waiver to visit her son, Abdullah, Tuesday after her family’s story spread across social media.
“This person should be the last one to argue the merits of a #MuslimBan,” one commenter wrote.
President Trump and the populist leaders in Europe spreading hateful rhetoric have forgotten that we all belong to one race — humanity.
With the Supreme Court split 4 - 4, and Neil Gorsuch's confirmation still some weeks away, the US President's options aren't that straightforward.
Immigration policy isn't only about visas or who the UK allows in or to work or study here. It's also about integration, notably including reducing barriers and discrimination in the labour market and supporting equal participation in British society
The Speaker represents the House of Commons, not just the members who reside there, but everything it stands for. Our values and our laws could not be clearer on equality for all. By speaking out in the way he did, he did not overstep the mark, but defended the honour of the House and all it stands for.
During Saturdays' Screen Actors Guild Awards, Mahershala Ali and the 'Stranger Things' cast joined the trope of Hollywood actors who have spoken out against Donald Trump's authoritarian leadership. Despite being stereotypically preoccupied with gold-plated awards, fashion shows and film premiers, dozens of influential public figures have recently exhibited their political zeal, triggered by the 'inhumane' and 'un-American' actions of the United States 45th President.
On Saturday January 20th I stood with a group of a few hundred Americans in front of the U.S. Embassy in Athens. It was thrilling to be a part of simultaneous marches across the world for women's rights. The gathering began at 4pm, and at 4:30 we were politely told to cross the street, our slot was up.
Football unites people, cities, countries. Football can and does unite the world. Let's show President Trump that we are not as divided by nations as we are united by the beautiful game.