Muswell Hill

An inquest into the death of the infamous murderer has opened.
Nationally and regionally, we very much need to find creative ways to bring our diverse people together. Pragmatic political decisions by our politicians, more constructive role by our media and judicious comments by powerful individuals are what we need today to spread the message of realistic hope and allay fear of others.
An Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill was attacked in the early hours of yesterday morning, and according to the police, the letters 'EDL' were found scrawled on the walls. Whatever emerges, this episode raises an important question - and one that Cameron's task force will need to grapple with: what does it mean to be part of the EDL?
In rising middle-class neighbourhoods of London, an author-journalist friend notices a pronounced dwindling of 'creative' types among parents comparing his older son's class to that of his young daughter.