mwc 2013

Every year Mobile World Congress fills me with anticipation and excitement, the kind children feel for Christmas. The world's largest mobile tradeshow has a legacy of launching new shiny things to touch and play with.
NFC - near-field communications, or 'that thing where you tap a phone to a thing and it does a thing' - was out in force
One of the organisers of Mobile World Congress (MWC) has hit back at critics who said the event was not as important as it
It was a sign of the times, perhaps, that this year's Mobile World Congress was dominated by what was missing rather than
It's tempting - particularly for journalists - to fixate purely on the fastest, most expensive and biggest mobile devices
Asus used MWC 2013 to announce a big range of surprising - and occasionally slightly strange - products which are set to
Asus have announced a strange line-up of new phone-tablet hybrids. The Taiwanese tech giant used its press conference at
Less than one in five UK tech positions (17% to be exact) are held by women. You'd think that an internationally respected event like the Mobile World Congress would be keen to represent the industry in the best possible light, yet their lineup of speakers has failed to match even the poor gender ratios of the UK tech industry.
The next massive tech conference - Mobile World Congress - takes place in Barcelona next week, and various mystifyingly vague