My Bloody Valentine

With its excess of parties, sweets and decorations, the dark and ancient Pagan festival of Samhain morphed into 'Halloween': the new Christmas. I think, in a similar vein, the bloody history of Valentine's Day's means it's becoming the new Halloween.
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of a unique record - Seefeel's "Quique", Modern Classics Records imprint, in association with Medical Records, has reissued the album on vinyl this week.
Thee Oh Sees- Floating Coffin It Hugs Back- Recommended Record Panda Riot- Northern Automatic Music No Joy- Wait To Pleasure
The stunning production belies itself immediately, studios of the 90s just couldn't capture sound this well, and from the get go, beneath the maelstrom, the voices have that slight weathered thinness that age brings.