On the 4th of January, 1960, at the age of forty six, Camus had planned to take a train back to Paris after a Christmas holiday with his wife and kids. At the last minute, Camus changed his mind and decided to travel instead with his publisher Michel Gallimard. During the journey, Gallimard's car slipped off the icy roads and smashed into a tree, immediately killing Camus.
Back in the 18th Century, spurred on by the term she'd inspired, the nymph had found fame. In 1784, Joshua Reynolds, the president of the Royal Academy, painted the provocative A Nymph and Cupid. Its reproductions sold widely - particularly to women...
In my case, it was precisely this difference of Hinduism that appealed to me. My encounters with Hinduism on my travels in the Himalayas, and my later interest in the religion, reminded me that many societies have thought of 'gods' as sharing our world with us rather than living in a world 'above' us.
To sugar-coat an unspoken truth: polyamory seeks to upend a many thousand-year-old narrative about ownership. We don't own our daughter's virginity. Husbands don't own their wives. Wives don't own their husbands.
Despite a concerted international public effort and the risk of incurring the wrath of Trekkies everywhere, neither of Pluto's
If you have spent much time working on your family history and/or genealogy, then you know there is a popular saying as follows: "Genealogy without proof is mythology."
Ana's Thought: "My Art is born of endless Passion for the Beauty of Life." As Valentine's Day approaches, people across the
I measure the arrival and progress of Autumn by one simple thing. Not the changing colours of the leaves. Not the darkening evenings. Not the increasing wind and nip in the air. Not even the shops stuffed with Halloween costumes. No. I measure the arrival and progress of Autumn by how many times I have to leave the room in a cold sweat because of a spider.