mzansi magic

The dramatic new TV show has revealed that money is indeed the root of all evil.
The show helps people come clean to their loved ones about their double lives and prostitution came under the spotlight.
More reality shows have recently come under fire from viewers, who called them out for appearing to be too scripted and acted.
Why, if you're already spoken for, would you go on a show like this just to friend-zone a guy?
Nerve-wrecking, entertaining and kind of beautiful, all at the same time.
"How can you own a car wash, but not a car?" a would-be dater was asked. Twitter was ready to take the mickey out of THAT kind of logic...
She's one of the most watchable actresses on South African TV – and here's why.
"In my community there is a lot of gangsterism, and for people to come together to watch the show -- even just for one day -- is amazing."
Meet the top six contestants – and then vote for your favourite.
Viewers will get to see what happens when Papa Penny goes grocery shopping for healthy food items with his wife.
Folks on Twitter have already decided on an "Our Perfect Wedding" presenter-search Top 3. And they are all from Johannesburg...