nairobi mall shooting

Following the attack at Nairobi's Westgate Mall, 62 million Kenyan shillings (£444,000) was donated to the Kenyan Red Cross in just 48 hours via mobile. Safaricom set up a free text payment service on its M-Pesa platform, enabling Kenyans to quickly donate money to support those affected.
Store owners in the now-devastated upmarket Nairobi shopping mall where 67 people were slaughtered in last week's terrorist
An extremist who was kicked out of Britain for preaching the murder of Westerners could have radicalised 'White Widow' Samantha
Yesterday, someone rang my door and asked to speak to me by name. I went out to meet them as I had been cleaning and the place was not presentable. He told me he was a journalist and next to him stood a shorter man who kept looking at me suspiciously. The journalist told me that he was looking for people who knew a person by my name...
Kenyan intelligence suspected the Westgate shopping mall may be targeted by terrorists, and investigated the Nairobi shopping
It's a disconcerting thought I haven't been able to shake off; that had I been in that shopping mall, lined up with those poor souls forced to recite passages from the Quran or be gunned down, I'd have most likely passed the al-Shabaab's sick little test.
So... what's the link? How did an ivory bracelet help cause this tragedy? How does dining with ivory chopsticks lead to the killing of pregnant women, families and children out shopping? The truth is that they are absolutely intrinsically linked.
Kenya says the terrorists who stormed a Nairobi shopping mall have been defeated, but three mall floors collapsed during
Terrorists have shown little mercy for shoppers in Nairobi’s Westgate mall, but in a miracle amongst the massacre, the brutal
The British death toll from the Nairobi attacks has risen to six, according to the Defence Secretary. Philip Hammond spoke