NASA moon

Earth is a world composed of water but we have now just discovered that we have ocean worlds all around us. Some which could possibly harbour life. So what is it about water that is so life giving?
NASA has released a fascinating set of pictures detailing Apollo astronauts training for missions to the moon on the side
The consensus among scientists is that for a planet to be capable of harbouring life, it must have surface water and reside
The universe has been around for 14 billion years – but scientists have managed to squeeze its evolution into 78 seconds
Nasa’s Curiosity rover successfully touching down on Mars on Monday has led to a 1000% increase in back-slapping in America
Conspiracy theorists who think the Apollo moon landing never happened are weeping into their semi-skim decaf chai lattes
Today's planned launch of the twin GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) spacecraft, which are being sent into orbit about the Moon at the end of the year, are the latest in a series of unmanned spacecraft that have in the past few years revolutionised our understanding of our nearest neighbor in space.