A company with such a rotten history [such as Naspers] should understand that companies can renew and repurpose themselves and break away from what they were initially designed to be.
Investigation finds no corruption but says contract with ANN7 was not struck with sufficient due diligence.
Ferial Haffajee is at MultiChoice listening to the the company's leadership, including Naspers CEO Bob van Dijk.
MultiChoice and Naspers are in the crosshairs of public opprobrium for playing tough tackle in their negotiations to protect their market dominance.
The CEO of Business Leadership SA says some "rotten apples" in business are ruining the name of business in the country.
The two behemoths face serious crises, as tough questions about conduct and company ethos are posed.
Pomerantz on Tuesday announced it is investigating claims on behalf of Naspers investors.
"We can't just leave the issues in the public domain. It needs to be discussed and a decision needs to be taken."
The former minister of communications says it's "bizarre" to think Koos Bekker was "hands-off" from vigorous campaign.
"While we understand the frustration, we also suggest further baiting of Naspers to override MultiChoice... is not conducive to an open democracy".
Naspers CEO Bob Van Dijk said that while Naspers was concerned by the allegations, it could not interfere with MulitChoice's autonomy.