While the former president is not the public face of the party, he is said to have given it his blessing.
There were some serious differences between the ANC's conference at Nasrec last year and the DA's federal congress over the weekend.
The new leader of the ANC had to twinkle along a pretty narrow tightrope in his maiden speech as party president.
When large groups of people gather together for any reason, you can be sure that someone will try to sell them something...
Zuma’s speech was twofold: first focusing on the need for radical socioeconomic transformation and then reflecting on challenges facing the party.
#NDZ17 owns symbol and song, but does it mean a win?
The ANC's national conference is off to a rocky start, but the powers seems determined to run a tight ship.
South Africans are 24 hours away from clarity about their collective future.
We'll get answers to a lot of questions over the next days, but this is what we'll be looking out for.