Natasha Devon

A real silencing of truth has just happened in our classrooms. Be afraid. Be very afraid, writes Natasha Devon.
Joining Brogan Driscoll and Rachel Moss, body image and mental health campaigner Natasha Devon looks into our relationship with our bodies and how we can be more comfortable in our own skin on Am I Making You Uncomfortable?
The most common myth about the body positivity movement is that it wants to replace the ‘skinny’ ideal with a ‘curvy’ one. That isn’t the case
'We all have a head with a brain in it, which means we all have mental health.’
The outspoken advocate found out what civil servants were saying about her.
The sacked children’s mental health tsar has compared her dismissal by the Government to something to something farcical
So somebody who was hired but not paid for their expertise and ability to be objective, was then fired for offering their expertise and being objective. What's more, this decision came right at the start of the current exam season, straight after the academisation plans were announced and exactly at a time when children need people like Natasha fighting their corner.
Department for Education denies trying to silence campaigner
She said: “Time and time again over recent years young people – and the people who teach them – have spoken out about how