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UFO experts have locked horns over whether the impact of modern technology has killed off any means of proving the existence
The skies above Britain are visited by at least one UFO a month, the head of UK Air Traffic Control has admitted. Speaking
A British colonial governor showed even more coolness than the role traditionally called for after he and his wife slept
Nazi forgers succeeded in flooding Europe with fake British bank notes, "destroying" confidence in the UK currency, according
The Americans were stunned by Israel's decision to launch air strikes against an Iraqi nuclear reactor, according to official
Margaret Thatcher's inner circle at No 10 were so determined to distance her from a communist French politician during a
Margaret Thatcher's bitter battles with the Tory "wets" are laid bare in official papers made public for the first time. Files
Prime minister Margaret Thatcher's secret attempts to end the IRA hunger strikes are revealed in official documents made
Margaret Thatcher was secretly urged to abandon Liverpool to a fate of "managed decline" in the wake of the Toxteth riots
Margaret Thatcher secretly discussed issuing firearms to the police amid fears riots could disrupt the wedding of the Prince