national orgasm day

It’s well known that it generally takes women longer to orgasm than men, but turns out there is still a lot of confusion
Trust us. You’re one step away from looking as if you’re about to have a giant poo.  9. Faking orgasms is tied to insecurity
Tips for a better orgasm If you're having a bad time in the bedroom department then fear not. According to LELO, you can
The week that Usain Bolt was a little, erm, down about the Commonwealth Games. Although Al Pacino seemed to be enjoying it
It's National Orgasm Day people. If ever you needed an excuse, here's one, served up to you hot. Take in my tips for him and her below and make sure your day explodes in fireworks...
There's only one thing that beats feeling the wind in your hair or the sand between your toes, and that is having an orgasm
Today is National Orgasm Day - no, really - and we don't think it's right to celebrate it alone. So why not join us in enjoying
We're back with an all-new collection of Politician Orgasm Faces! After 2013's celebration for National Orgasm Day - can