National Security Agency

It’s clear Donald Trump is a huge fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But whistleblower Edward Snowden says Americans shouldn’t get their hopes up.
It's "evidence that I'm not a Russian spy," says NSA whistleblower.
The Intercept reports that @Snowden handle had been taken from someone who has not used it in three years. Twitter was reportedly
The National Security Agency is collecting images of millions of faces as part of its facial recognition database, reports
Labour still can not be trusted to protect the public's civil liberties despite Yvette Cooper's call for the oversight of
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger is to appear before the Commons home affairs select committee in December to answer questions
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has spoken out in favour of the Guardian’s reporting of the surveillance
MPs on the intelligence and security committee (ISC) have been criticised for failing to hold spy chiefs properly to account
When you start to spy on friends (as US Security agencies appear to have done pervasively) does this mean you have crossed
David Cameron has accused The Guardian of damaging Britain's national security by publishing articles based on classified