The ANC says it will consult widely on nationalising the Reserve Bank.
The bank says nationalising it would be a damaging "cosmetic" exercise.
EFF leader Julius Malema told parliamentarians he expected the DA to oppose the idea because the DA defended white privilege.
An election could come at any time. The next Labour manifesto must be battle-ready, it must not contain hostages to fortune - no one wants to win like François Hollande and destroy your party because the programme is so undeliverable - and be written for the voting public. The only thing we can be sure about in politics is the next Tory manifesto definitely will be.
Despite emerging as a policy position, experts say government is unlikely to tamper with the Bank's independence.
The ownership of businesses is fundamental to how power and reward are distributed in society. Since the early 1980s the
Economist Thabi Leoka says nationalisation without adequate state capacity and expertise would be a dangerous path for SA's economy.
While Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s advisor Chris Malikane’s views are spooking the elite, his views were very popular at a weekend meeting.
Professor Chris Malikane has reiterated his calls for the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank.
I am sure I am not the only person who is a long time subscriber and reader of the Economist journal but who disagrees profoundly with most of what it says. The online comments section of the journal show just that. For example...