naz shah

Naz Shah, once suspended from the Labour Party, will now join Jeremy Corbyn's frontbench as equalities spokeswoman.
Injured Naz Shah was forced to enter lobby in a wheelchair.
Andrea Leadsom blames Labour as controversy reignites.
The fact that you have Muslim heritage does not give you the credentials to dismiss evidence of Islamophobia within your Party
The time for bleak, pessimistic austerity from Tory governments is over. It has bought the NHS to its knees, stripped local government of vital resources, decimated school funding and put immense pressure on those who were struggling the most. This is a chance for optimism. It is chance for us to want better, we deserve better. Better for ourselves and better for the next generation. It is a chance to make a change. This is your opportunity to vote for it.
The Speaker represents the House of Commons, not just the members who reside there, but everything it stands for. Our values and our laws could not be clearer on equality for all. By speaking out in the way he did, he did not overstep the mark, but defended the honour of the House and all it stands for.
As the Government propose the re-introduction of Grammar schools and the segregation of our kids from their brothers, sisters and friends at the age of eleven and on the basis of one specific, under-developed human characteristic I wonder if we haven't just added one more nail in to the coffin of what were once the 'best years of our lives'.
'Why do men bask in honour and women carry the burden of shame?'