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Baroness Warsi has called for the phrase “honour-killing” to be replaced with the term “crimes of control.” The former Chairman
'If this is true, we must ensure justice is done for Samia'
UPDATE: Two Family Members Arrested In Connection With ‘Honour Killing’ Of British Woman In Pakistan Labour MP Naz Shah has
'I didn’t get anti-Semitism as racism.'
Naz Shah has admitted the comments that got her suspended from the Labour Party in April were anti-Semitic. The Bradford
For a woman of Jo's age to leave the legacy in the Palace of Westminster and beyond, in such a short space of time, is what legends are truly made of. Coming into Portcullis House this morning and looking at the screens dotted around which inform us of the business of the day, has such a different meaning today.
Ask any British Jew what they want most, and most will tell you to live peacefully, quietly, and to live a Jewish life without fuss and attention. That's why it sits so badly with me that we have been manipulated like this. Used and I would say, abused in this inter-Labour warfare.
I voted for Corbyn in the leadership election and I would have not done so if I believed him to be anti-semitic. However, I do believe he needs to denounce some of the platforms he has once shared to help repair a broken Labour party.
In the past few weeks, I have felt little pride in being a Labour member and supporter. Rather, I have felt ashamed. Anti-Semitism is not the kind of issue you would expect to have to tackle in 21st century British politics. It is so far beneath us and, indeed, so morally inexcusable that members of the Labour party expressing anti-Semitic views should never even be a possibility.... It's upsetting to me that I am even sat here writing a blog about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. The two don't go together. Socialism is one of the key foundations on which the Labour Party was built. Labour has 99 problems, not least our current lack of credibility and leadership issues, but anti-Semitism doesn't have to be one of those problems.
Hopes to make it 'explicitly clear' Labour won't tolerate racism.