naz shah

I am sorry. For someone who knows the scourge of oppression and racism all too well it is important that I make an unequivocal apology for statements and ideas that I have foolishly endorsed in the past.
The five things you need to know on Wednesday March 16, 2016… 1) OS-BROWN’S SCHOOL DAYS The comparisons between George Osborne
It was with a sinking heart that I watched Pakistani women talking about being blocked into entering politics on Newsnight for the second time in a matter of weeks. But this stuff isn't just historical, it is happening today, leaving me disheartened and disgusted.
Being an optimist I do have hope and faith. I know that my job might be harder in Opposition to deliver on the pledges we have made, but I also know that it is more important than ever to make sure not only do we hold this government to account and expose it's continuous failures which effect places like Bradford West, but also that we make sure we win 2020.
David Cameron should recognise deploying the language of segregation doesn't build integration, regardless of the perfection of the English uttered. It builds barriers. If we want integration, which I do, we must all work hard for our goal.
Naz Shah, the Labour MP who ousted London Mayor hopeful George Galloway from his Bradford West seat in May, defied parliamentary