Nazir Afzal

With faith in government collapsing, it’s time we took Labour seriously, writes Nazir Afzal
Nazir Afzal, a former regional chief prosecutor, is pushing for a review of the decision not to pursue the PM's chief aide for allegedly breaching lockdown.
The president, his far right followers, and those who refuse to condemn their words as “racist” are stabbing each and every one of us in the back, Nazir Afzal writes.
There are, I'm afraid to say, miscarriages of justice in our courts. Both convictions of the innocent and acquittals of the guilty. How many? I don't know, but each one is shameful. Yes, fewer of these bad prosecutions and more appropriate guilty pleas would unburden the court lists a bit. I believe, though, that the only way to change this failing culture is to shine a harsh light on it.
It is easy to turn away from the revolting reality of these types of cases, but the lack of foster carers in this country and the sheer lack of money in the system, means that children vanish into a terrifying underworld of exploitation, and nothing is done about it.
Two-thirds of young British Asians believe families should live according to the concept of "honour", a new poll suggests