The scrapping of maintenance grants will force the most disadvantaged students into thousands of pounds worth of extra debt in comparison to their peers, as a result placing a disproportionately high financial burden on those who can least afford it. Of course, this ideology is reflected in the Tories' wider programme of brutal austerity which is inflicting so much suffering...
On November 4th, Swansea University Students Union will be travelling to London amongst several other students union across
I want to be horrified about the accounts of police brutality that have occurred on British campuses - Warwick and also Sheffield University, where security guards chained fire exits locking in free education protestors at campus outlet Inox Dine - but truthfully I'm not at all surprised.
The sooner student activists abandon this inward-looking, machine-like Labour Party leadership production line, the sooner the student movement might actually achieve something.
A peaceful student protest, which saw thousands march through London streets, took a nasty turn after angry students forced
A group of students is dismissing plans for a peaceful protest and threatening to march on parliament, after describing the