Near earth objects

NASA says that an asteroid larger than the Empire State Building is set to fly dramatically close to Earth later this month
Back in the day when I was an MP, I warned the House of Commons that the chances of an impact by a 'Near Earth Object' - more commonly known as a comet or asteroid - are 100%. Worse still, I claimed the chance of an incoming object large enough to wipe out most, or all, of the human race is also 100%. It's just a matter of 'when.' People laughed, a lot. They thought that this was one wacky campaign too many. One paper showed a picture of me with the title MP to blame for the end of the world. But I knew my ground, as my grandfather, Ernst Öpik, was one of the world's leading astronomers on this subject.
It's just over a year ago that an asteroid exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, with more power than a nuclear bomb, highlighting
Nasa has reactivated a space telescope only to discover three new, "coal black" asteroids near to the Earth. The re-awoken
A mysterious 'asteroid' discovered in orbit around Earth that baffled astronomers turns out to be man-made. The strange object
In 1898 we knew of one galactic object hurtling through space scarily close to Earth - now Nasa have identified 10,000. The
Nasa has made a breakthrough in its quest for a reliable way to spot deadly asteroids before they cause harm on Earth. A
The United Nations has held high-level discussions about the threat of asteroids and meteors after last week's bombardment