negative body image

Facebook's controversial 'fat' and 'ugly' emojis have finally been phased out, following a petition on The social
As an adult, I feel my negative body image fuelled my crisis of confidence that was the footnote to my school years. A crippling shyness made approaching the opposite sex an impossibility. I was already described as "odd" and this behaviour merely fuelled the "fag" comments.
We need to open the debate up further and to talk more openly. We already understand how low body confidence can affect 15 year old girls. But what happens when those 15 year old girls reach 25, 35, and 45? How does their low body confidence translate into social confidence? How does it affect their performance in the workplace? How does it affect their families? The government is already doing a lot to support women, but we also need to ensure that we can nurture and support the aspirations of women and girls.
According to a growing body of research, elderly people in Britain are in the grip of a negative body image epidemic, Huffpost
More than half the British public suffers from a negative body image, an inquiry by MPs has heard. The problem is so acute