The health minister has refused to acknowledge a strike by Nehawu members, angry over unpaid bonuses, who trashed the hospital.
Doctors and nurses are still being threatened if they arrive for work, telephone lines and ambulances are not working, and there are medicine shortages.
The revolution is truly eating its own children.
"The last Cabinet reshuffle glaringly exposed this weakness."
With two years to go until the next national elections, it is seemingly a make or break period for the ANC.
At Nehawu's 11th national conference, Cyril Ramaphosa hit the right notes.
Allegations have surfaced that autopsies are performed by untrained forensic services staff, but government says this is not true.
The situation is now "dire" with cleaners having to assist pathologists in performing autopsies.
Treasury has warned that the new legislation would create a parallel public service regime for international relations employees.
This after allegations surfaced that food meant for the staff canteen was stored in a “condemned” basement with pipes apparently leaking sewage.