The frenzy that the press are describing of rising house prices will make this worse - panic buying is back. No one wants to miss out. The fear is that to fail to grasp the rope of the balloon as it sails upwards will leave you renting for ever.
If you were a child, student or housewife of the 90s or early 00s, the clock hitting 5.35 of a weekday evening meant only
'Neighbours' star Kym Valentine is suing producers of the Aussie soap, alleging they subjected her to sex and disability
It didn't used to be like this. 50 years ago, in most parts of the country, you not only knew your neighbours but there was a reasonable chance that they were pretty much like you. You were involved in common local activities and institutions. Religiously, you probably behaved, believed and belonged in the same way as everyone else.
CELEBRITY Big Brother will be bubblier than ever next year, with FOUR soap stars ready to move in to the house. Neighbours
A maths teacher has been convicted of harassing his German neighbours by playing wartime classics and performing Nazi salutes
A maths teacher accused of harassing his German neighbours by playing wartime classics and performing Nazi salutes claims
Until I had my son Isaac, two, I didn't think any kids lived on our street. It was so quiet, the only time we saw our neighbours was when they got home from work or washed their car. But when I brought home my bundle of joy back in November 2008, half the street came out of the woodwork and admitted to having children under eight. So where were they?
Hollyoaks newcomer Dan O'Connor is set to get hearts racing - and handbags swinging - as Amy Barnes and Michaela McQueen
The strategy behind this non-profit organisation not only avoids wasting our landfill sites with those 'was once useful' tools, but has become so much more than that. People actually have a conversation. They smile. They have cups of tea; like the good old days, when neighbours would chat over their fences and watch out for your cat.