nelson mandela memorial

A memorial stone for former South Africa president Nelson Mandela is to be laid in Westminster Abbey. Prince Harry will join
Nelson Mandela's friends and comrades paid tribute to the late former president on Wednesday in a London memorial service
The man who caused a world-wide furore over his fake sign language at Nelson Mandela's funeral was part of a gang of "necklacers
Is this a new trend? Will we now see Selfies being taken at memorials and funerals? Nelson Mandela's memorial to many was viewed as a celebration therefore in some sense it was essential to capture that special moment and Selfie to remember the time, moment and it's significance.
If, like most people, you've been curious to know what the controversial signer at Nelson Mandela's memorial service was
I am no expert. But even to the untrained eye you could tell he was not doing what he should be. The guy looked about as bored as most of us get watching X Factor - glancing occasionally to the heavens for inspiration or to see if the rain was ever going to stop.
Thousands of mourners queued for hours just to catch a bus to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to see Nelson Mandela lying
And your 'No... just... no' thing of the day is: CBS's news show 'This Morning' using the song 'Africa' by Toto as the music
The internet was shocked yesterday by a photograph taken at the memorial for Nelson Mandela. The selfie revealed that the
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