neo nazis

The 18-year-old published vitriolic graphics encouraging terrorism and signposted people to violent terrorist guidebooks online.
Alice Cutter entered the under the name “Buchenwald Princess”, the jury was told.
The rise and stall of the Fourth Reich.
"It’s not until it’s directed at you that you suddenly realize that what you’re doing is wrong.”
The question I ask myself, and every white American who affirms our country's promise of equality, is this: will we continue to passively accept the evil of systemic racism or will we finally fight for "liberty and justice for all?"
Trump failed to name the right-wing violence as white supremacy, or to specifically condemn it; instead, he lamented the violence on all sides. The job of denouncing white supremacist racism was left to his daughter Ivanka and his vice-president, Mike Pence, who used much stronger language. After something of an outcry at his vague words, he finally took to Twitter to rail against "all that hate stands for".
'Some of these young Nazis will be emboldened by the attention the ban has awarded them.'
Post Brexit and in the Trump era, it is more important than ever that the authorities take steps to tackle the growing threat of Britain's far-right movement and dismantle their networks. There are already reports that the Far-right extremists in Germany are joining forces with like-minded groups across Europe and even the United States as they prepare to carry out more attacks on our streets.