Who would choose to watch advertising? After all, there's so much good viewing out there. I still haven't got through all of The West Wing yet. If we could avoid watching advertising we would. But here's the rub. If companies could avoid spending on Advertising they would
The fourth season of US sitcom 'Arrested Development' was launched by Netflix on Sunday morning - all 15 episodes at once, for your binge viewing pleasure.
Streaming is so fast, and as a mum, a quick fix remedy to entertaining and educating a child, and in my case a life-saver for my jet-lagged little'un thanks to shows like Strawberry Shortcake.
With the internet threatening to alter the fundamental act of distribution that has laid dormant since the advent of home video, it requires a glance all the way back to the late 1960s to find a time when Hollywood's tried and tested means of dominating the film business was so similarly threatened.
Kate Mara, who stars in the US version of 'House of Cards', admits that she has never seen a frame of the original BBC drama
Piracy represents a truly unenviable quandary for the film and games industries, but their continual failure to grasp even the basic essence of the issue, or their customers, represents a far greater and more worrying trend.
Reinventing Francis Urquhart, political manipulator from the pen of Michael Dobbs and his House of Cards trilogy present on our screens in the early 90's, was going to take some doing. But I do believe Netflix has pulled it off. I've stopped at two, ok three. And as I burp on the layered cake of political intrigue, game playing and negotiations, a peculiar aftertaste strikes me.
Blockbuster, the high street video and games retailer, has become the latest victim of the recession after going into administration
It's a great time to be a subscription business. Every day, you hear about how companies such as Netflix and Lovefilm have taken on the big boys and won.
As a comedian rarely do I use the word "hilarious" as I reserve it only for my latest joke and as a pet name for my penis. Between Two Ferns, however, is hilarious (not my penis). Zack Galifianakis works hard in a way born only from the guilt of making dyslexic bloggers spell his surname can conjure, delivering a wealth of strong jokes, and silly approaches to his interviews.