Germany's pro-business regulation, strong economy and high-speed fibre optic links to the European mainland mean it holds a competitive advantages. Germany will need to continue to expand and leverage its fibre and infrastructure to sustain its impressive progress.
Dorsey effectively created the phenomenon of micro-blogging through his 140 character count. Today, tweeting is common practice, spawning some 6,000 tweets per second, 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year.
More than 450 potential suicide attempts on the railways were prevented in less than a year thanks to special training for
As CEO of The Coaching Academy and Director of Mentoring at Start-up Loans, I can spend a lot of time in and out of meetings and at events, doing so allows me to network with a range of individuals and I find these experiences to be one of the most valuable uses of my time.
As the world of business evolves at rapid speed, it's not uncommon to find yourself feeling overwhelmed with eager competitors. The initial enthusiasm and determination chips away and it can become a challenge to re-motivate yourself, even more so when plagued with doubts on whether you or your business is good enough.
I always thought of myself as an incredibly independent person. And I am - to a certain extent. I moved out of my home city at 18, I funded my way through University and a few months ago I packed my bags and emigrated to Italy.
The vernacular of 'Science 2.0' has become increasingly utilised in the debate about the future of science. Many media articles and conferences focus on this topic, and the European Commission has recently held a public consultation to better understand the impact of 2.0 and desirability of policy action to enable it.
Nearly one billion viewers worldwide are predicted to watch Sunday's final with the social media sphere expected to see a massive spike during and immediately after the match. Technology, and our adoption of it, has certainly been a key player in making this tournament such a success.
With the Winter Olympic Games done and dusted for 2014 and all the many athletes, organisers and journalists back home, the Avaya team has been looking back on our previous Olympics experience and marvelling at the great distance the world and technology have come in only four years.
So, how did we manage to achieve such success? The concept itself isn't new, something I'd call activity-based networking. It's an approach that's been used for years in corporate team building events but not as often as a tool to enhance the quality of networking events.
Are you getting the referrals, the introductions and the support in business that you feel you 'deserve'?
When humans, machines and the internet get together, what will the future look like? Michael Chorost's fascinating The World Wide Mind takes us through a journey of all the possibilities.
Luluvise, the new social network built exclusively for women, is trying to pull-off a difficult trick: How does a network reach critical mass while excluding half of the world's population? Is there any role for a social network whose major selling-point is who it will not let in?
With forecasts of the UK's economic prospects for 2012 remaining gloomy, the chances are that many more people will be seeking new employment over the course of this year. With more well-qualified people seeking fewer jobs, strong networks will become ever-more relevant, as will a proactive approach.
Networks not only help you meet people who may have intel on your next job opportunity, they are also a great forum for sharing ideas, seeking advice, or just feeling supported by people who have been in the same situation as you. Whatever stage you are in your career, there are benefits to be had by promoting yourself through networking.
Successful businesses are founded on strong networks. Strong networks are formed from deep relationships. And deep relationships come from getting to know each person.