The father of a nine-year-old girl from Scotland who created an internet sensation with her blog on school dinners has spoken
A schoolgirl who was banned by her council from blogging about her school meals has helped raise £100,000 for a charity that
A Michelin-starred chef has described a nine-year-old schoolgirl as "wonderful, smart and brave" for raising awareness of
A school kitchen being built in Malawi is to be named in honour of a nine-year-old blogger who has raised almost £85,000
Yesterday a school in Argyle and Bute banned nine-year-old Martha Payne from taking pictures of her school dinners. She had been blogging about her lunches and her posts were cooking up a storm and attracting widespread media attention. She had also managed to raise £2,000 for for Mary's Meals, a charity that provides school meals for children in Africa.
A nine-year-old blogger has raised more than £60,000 for charity after a council overturned a ban on her taking photos of
UPDATE: Argyll Council have lifted the ban on Martha Payne taking photographs of her school lunch for her NeverSeconds blog