New Age

You either create your own reality and know that it is true 24:7 without exception or you don't believe it at all and that too is fine. The standing on the fence when it suits you or being 'on and off' about it is hurting you and is a hindrance to you living your potential and dream.
To be spiritual you must do spiritual stuff...simply not true everyone is spiritual because everyone has a soul and spirit. Just because someone doesn't practice the same as you, agree with you or think about life and the universe in the same way as you, doesn't mean they are less spiritual than you.
I moved into the banking industry as soon as I graduated - it seemed the obvious thing to do when you are good with figures and have a head for business. But then I decided to give it all up on the search for something else, something bigger. I needed to answer all those questions that had been making their presence felt in my life and in my head for some time.
When I pondered the idea of writing a blog today I immediately received the statement "The importance of shutting up". Obviously
A slight shock to the system. From chilling in my flat in London trying to shake off flu to a quick rehearsal, straight onto a German tourbus, then a Dover ferry, before a headline show in Paris, five radio performances, some very good coffee, a train to Lausanne and now a drive to one of my favourite little towns; CransMontana in the Swiss Alps.
The amalgamation of three current events makes this question perhaps more salient than ever. Primarily it's the Christmas
You know how I say that your everyday life is filled with signs and messages; well London for me has certainly just upped the ante - as the saying goes.
Although I'm a recent yoga convert and like to light a few posh joss sticks before dinner, downward dogging and lavender incense is about as deep into new age palaver as I go. A couple of weeks ago, however, I did a very embarrassing thing - I paid good money to consult a psychic.